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Eset End Point Security disables windows firewall

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We have a Eset EndPoint Security solution rolled out in our production environment. When we install Eset on Windows workstations it disables/mask the windows firewall, but we want to keep the WF running and its rules should be honored by Eset, so is there a way to tell ESET NOT to disable Windows Firewall during/after the installation of End point Security Product ?
We tried "Also evaluate rules from Windows Firewall" setting but that doesn't seem to be working.
P.S: We have a custom application that writes plenty of rules to Windows firewall. 

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You can have only one firewall active at time. If you want to use Windows firewall, disable ESET's firewall in the advanced setup.

Do you mean that permissive rules from Windows firewall are not honored? Please provide an example of such rule.

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