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Please Fix: Bug in ESET Internet Security

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Hello ESET,

    I didn't see a dedicated way of reporting bugs to ESET so I'm just going to post here. I started using a 30 day trial of ESET internet security around 40 days ago and noticed repeated "Protocol filtering" errors during browsing with firefox. I reinstalled ESET to try and address this issue once I purchased a pack of license keys from newegg, but reinstallation did not solve this issue. I also repeatedly attempted to disable protocol filtering, reboot, re-enable protocol filtering without firefox running to try and get the ESET root certificate installed into firefox automatically but this did not solve the issue. I also attempted to follow the same steps but with disabling SSL filtering, reboot, re-enable SSL filtering but the "Protocol Filtering" error still pops up whenever firefox is being used. The only way I managed to solve this is by exporting the ESET root certificate in DER format and manually importing it into the Firefox certificate store. I thought maybe this might be an isolated incident related to the Windows 10 Pro machines I use, but after browsing the forum and seeing repeated threads with the same issue, it leads me to believe that firefox has recently made changes which are incompatible with the way ESET automatically imports its certificate into the firefox store. Although I was able to solve the issue for myself, I don't think it's likely that your average consumer will be able to figure this out with some of the guides i've seen posted as replies, let alone on their own. Please escalate this to the appropriate team as I believe this is a bug in your product.

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In order to investigate the issue, please provide:

- Logs collected with ESET Log Collector when the issue occurs
- A Procmon log from time when you disable and re-enable SSL filtering after a reboot. Stop logging when an error importing the root certificate pops up.

I assume it's rather an issue with your system than a bug since importing the root certificate works alright for us and other users.

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