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Real-time file system protection in non-functional

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Hi here

I just installed with some problems ESET Endpoint Protection. Somehow it was blocked by "something", so I could not come to the stage of placing activation key. While opening from the all program list - nothing was happening. I have received info from Windows, that Windows Defender and ESET asr both off. The defender I switched off purpesly, but ESET I could not switch on.

After restarting comp I did have a short time when the activation screen appeard - so I just paset the key and I pick up. However during that registration proces it already detect some viruses/trojans. After the process finished and program updated I have received the alert: Real-time file system protection in non-functional. Unfortunatelly there is no way of switching it on.

The bottom message states: This functionality could not be started and your computer is not protected...

Could it be coused by some trojan? I need healp, please


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I wonder if this is related to your manually disabling Windows Defender. Note that Eset at installation time normally disables WD. You didn't mention what Win OS ver. you are using, but adhering to correct installation procedure would be most critical on Win 10 due to the Windows Security Center interface factor.

What you might try to do is uninstall Eset  EAV. Reboot. Reverse what you did to disable WD and ensure it is fully functional. Reboot. Then reinstall EAV. Verify that WD has been disabled and Windows recognizes EAV as the only realtime AV active. Finally, verify that Eset is fully functional.

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On 5/4/2019 at 3:12 PM, itman said:

I wonder if this is related to your manually disabling Windows Defender.

Actually first time installation the Windows Defender was not disable. After having problems with comming to acctivation page for ESET I have disable WD.

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