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Slowdown after windows / Smart Security re-install

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I have a pretty good gaming system and own the latest Smart Security. I noticed after having to do clean reinstall of windows that after installing Smart Security my system seemed unusually slow. I went through the settings and tried turning off start up scan but that didn't even really help my start up time never mind real time. In an Eset KB they recommend disabling the Eset service but what does that do? Isn't that what stays resident to do real time scanning?


I realize there has to be some kind of slow down to account for real time scanning but I have never seen it quite this bad. I did a repair but have yet to un/reinstall. I was hoping someone might know some tricks. I also have not played with exclusions yet either.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello joelore.


ESET does not have a history of slowing down computers, in fact its the exact opposite.

Repair does not always fix the issue, and i would recommend uninstalling completely, and reinstalling to see if that resolves your issue.

What OS are you running ? Have you noticed any lockups ?

IF a reinstall does not resolve your issue, please prepare a SysInspector image of your system in preparation to allow ESET to open a case and look at the cause behind the slowness.

Usually a reinstall will resolve your issue.

The only possible modules that may slow down your system, would be HIPS, self-defense, and or Memory scanner.

You could try disabling one at a time to see which one slows down your system. Some like HIPS require a system restart of course.


The question regarding disabling eset service, is not a permanent action, but an attempt to find out if its the cause or not.

Thanks for posting and i hope we can get you some help. :)

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