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ESET I.S. degrades UI performance of other software

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First of all, I'd like to remind that this forum is not meant to be a substitute for contacting customer care. It was primarily made to share the knowledge with other users and ESET moderators and it doesn't have the functionality of CRM that would allow for tracking issues.

In case you don't receive a response within a reasonable time, we kindly ask you to ask for an update in your post or contact a moderator via the forum messaging system.

I've had a look at the log and all the processor was basically idle (92,28%). 3dsmax.exe utilized 2,78% of the cpu and egui.exe 1,31%.


What is weird is that with v12.1 egui.exe should not run unless you open the main gui through the tray icon. Please make sure that egui.exe is not running after a reboot (only egui_proxy should). Without egui.exe among running processes, launch 3DS Max and check if the issue occurs.

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