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ESET EES 7.0 Activation

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We are currently in the process in rolling out Endpoint Security 7.x, however we are unable to successfully activate the  ES 7.x product.

Clients do not have direct Internet access, and connect using HTTP Proxy servers.

I have set both HTTP proxy server both on the agent policy and the ES Policy, however regardless configuring the required proxy server I am unable to Activate the product. After using Sysinternals Process Monitor, I can verify that the 'ekrn.exe' process ignores the proxy settings and attempts to contact the activation servers directly.

It is my understanding that the ES 7.x Policy's HTTP Proxy server configuration should cause the ES 7.x to use the HTTP Proxy server to complete activation, however the Sysinternals Process Monitor shows otherwise.

What am I missing?

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Just to make sure, are you deploying the latest version of Endpoint 7.1.2045 ?

Do you have the proxy server enabled and configured properly here?


Note that if connection through the proxy fails for whatever reason, the product attempts to connect directly by default. You can try disabling direct connection in case of proxy connection failures and see if the product connects even then directly.

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Thanks Marcos,

I believe this was the configuration option I was missing.

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