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Adding another device to anti-theft

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Good day.

Just want to make it quick again. 

I added my laptop on anti-theft. I want to add two more devices (android devices). I just don't know how. I don't really get the instructions. It only says, "new devices" not "another devices". I my devices appear on anti-theft for monitoring. 


Please reply immediately.

Thank you. 

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Hello Harryz,

Anti-theft for android is only available in EMS version 3.0 Beta.

Can you verify that 3.0Beta is the version installed on your android devices ?

Thanks :)

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Here is a link for you Harryz, https://plus.google.com/communities/108903191448653159178


This is a beta program, and the program is for testing only. It cannot be relied upon as a release to public app, may contain certain features that still require tweaking.

So far i have not found any issues, and i love it.

I have a paid subscription for version 2.0


You should be able to activate and try out anti-theft on your android devices as a tester. :)

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