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Eset excessive disk usage at video stream playback

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I'm testing Eset Internet Security v12.1.34, and it writes to a laptop SSD disk very hard wearing the disk out, when a video is played in Chrome via some extension, plugin, or native client app.

Why does Eset need to write video fragments to disk instead of processing them in RAM? Why does it write twice as much data than it reads? In the topic "What data Eset writes to SSD, and how to minimize it?" Eset staff replied: "we detect streams and avoid writing them to disk altogether." May be its a bug surfaced again in the latest version?

I don't want to exclude Chrome browser traffic entirely from protection. Is there a way to automatically pause protection when a streamed video is playing in Chrome, or auto exclude from protection only video stream download and playback in Chrome?



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Eset Gamer Mode, which seems to suspend realtime protection when a game or another app is in Full Screen mode,  doesn't seem to kick in when browser addons like Chrome  Native Client apps are playing videos in Full Screen, while an open Chrome window on the background isn't maximized. This results in Eset excessive writing video stream to disk to presumably check for viruses.

Is there a keyboard shortcut allowing to Disable Realtime Protection quickly without clicking a sequence of multiple buttons each time before launching a video playback from the web? Can a user add a Custom Keyboard Shortcut like this? Or is it possible to activate Eset Gamer Mode with a shortcut?

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