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How to create dynamic group "Not updated Agent"?

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I need help, how to create Dynamic Group - where will be filetered Computers with Not updated Eset agents, or find another way how to filter this computers.

Dashboard shows counter, number "Not updated agents" but but detailed informations shows only Computers with updated agent and I have problem howt to find all computers which need update Eset Agent.

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  • ESET Staff

There are multiple methods: 

  1. You can click on the "red" part, and drill down to see the list of machines with outdated agent
  2. You can navigate to the dashboard "ESET Applications" check table "outdated applications", locate agent, and drill down to get the list of all machines
  3. You can alternatively create a DG for not having a specific version of Agent installed (all others will be outdated).

I would recommend to use the first / second option. 

outdated applications.png

main dashboard.png

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