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problem activating after reinstall


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So I had the antivirus working just find, my windows got messy and I did a fresh install. Now it's giving me an error ACT.39 and relocating me to contact support. So obviously that's what I did and I tried 2 emails and didn't get any auto-confirmation nor reply and so here is my forum post. Please can someone pick this up for me? I've also attached a screenshot. Maybe it's the browser though I get this, but no reply for creation and no reply at all :/ 

Thank you

Dear user,

thank you for contacting ESET Customer Care.

A notification about creation of a new service request has been sent to the contact email you entered into our Support Request Form. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Care Representatives, who will inform you about the status of processing of your request.


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Thank you Marcos, that did the trick. Still no clue why I did not get any emails from support and I had to register and post in the forum, but means to an end I guess. 

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