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ESET Agent&Endpoint remote deploy to MacOS? ECA only.

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Looking to install ESET Endpoint Security (along with ESET Agent) to a large number of remote MacOS devices with no local user interaction.

We are 100% cloud only business, so currently trialling ECA. The installers this generates work locally, but fail when remotely deployed.

Ideally we would like to use a RMM agent to deploy (Cisco Meraki) - though I suspect the installer pkg will need to allow silent install. Are there any (un)documentated command line options to allow this?


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An FYI for anyone else searching - ESET ECA currently can't do this directly, but ESET UK support helpfully provided a sh script which can install the ESET remote agent silently, connecting endpoints directly to the correct ECA instance.

This worked for me - Meraki can deploy the script by wrapping it into a DMG package and deploying as a custom app.

ESET ECA can then install ESET sofware/licences etc, with everything being 100% remote.


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