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tick or untick "Show built-in (predefined ) rules."

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I've got an issue with a particular departments  build (deployed with Windows MDT) that has ESET installed and connects to the Remote Administrator and applies their departmental policies. The issue is with this department is the "Show built in (predefined) rules" is not ticked, and obviously grey out once the Remote Administrator applies a policy.


So we have some issues relating potentially to the firewalls with this department, and I'm being told by one of the senior guys here that the issue is because this is unticked, and therefore the predefined rules are not being applied to those machines.


Is that true? surely the predefined rules are being applied whether you tick to show them or not. I'm being told that the issue is with ESET not applying the tick to Show built in (predefined) rules that particular department doesn't get those predefined rules.


P.S The Policies themselves have the tick to show the predefined rules, this just isn't on the clients, because (discovered through testing) it is not ticked before they connect to Remote Administrator the first time. I can't just redeploy these machines as they are numerous, spread across the country and in heavy use.



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typo, I had "the the" in the last paragraph

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Whether the "Show bult-in rules" box is ticked or not does not affect rules in any way; the setting affects only the display of default rules. Default rules that are enabled are applied regardless of the state of the box.

If a particular communication is blocked, then there's no permissive rule that would allow it. You can use the Firewall troubleshooting wizard on a client to get a list of recently blocked communications where you can allow the desired ones with one click. Alternatively you can use learning mode to create permissive rules automatically. Afterwards review the rules, remove the unwanted ones and apply the desired ones via a policy to other computers as well.

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Thank you Marcos, I had a strong suspicion I was chasing my tail, by going down this path.

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