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Cannot add the license to the EBA or MyEset

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I'm trying to add the licence. I entered the licence number and button Add licence just do nothing... (Eset Business Account and also myEset.com) since some days.
I turned off all extensions in FF/Chrome/IE. Checked console and there is no error.

Anyone knows why ?


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I was unable to find a license by the email address you used to register in this forum so I assume you used a different registration address for your license.

First of all, do you have a license for Endpoint and server products or for consumer version? While my.eset.com serves for home users, ELA and the new EBA portal are intended for managing business licenses.

If you have an EBA account created but no license added there, you could change your password to a temporary one and provide me with the email address and the password so that I could try it myself. Anyways, the best course of action would be raising a support ticket so that the case is properly handled and tracked.

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I use a license Endpoint/server products for my company so BEA portal. Before, i used ELA (now delete).

I send you the identifiers by the private message.

I specify when I enter the license via BEA, a new pop-up was displayed, she asks me the password of ELA (I entered correctly). Then nothing.

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