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EMSC Agent deploy to MAC from console

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Hey Guys,


I am trying to deploy the EMSC Agent from the console to some MAC devices and it keeps failing.  It says failed to start Task in the server task that was created.  I have never been able to get this going but there is a renewed push from the powers that be so I have trying again.  Does anyone have any experience doing this or know of some things that i can try.  I have the MAC joined to the domain and, my server task is set up like my Windows task that works correctly but I choose the MAC agent instead.




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  • ESET Staff

Any chance you checked ESMC's trace log or specific "Remote deployment details" report directly available in console? It should provide more details of that is not working correctly. In case there is no problem with deployment to windows devices, I would guess problem is with SSH connection from ESMC server to mac devices - any chance there is firewall that could possibly block connection? Even ESET antivirus would block connection if enabled? I would recommend to check manually whether SSH connection from ESMC to devices works, with the same credentials used in task configuration.

In case no possible SSH connection issues would be found, please check targeting mac devices for ESMC Agent installer logs, which would be located in:


in case installation has actually started. Also there might be more details of installation failure in system install log (/var/log/install.log), but it is more probable that installation has not even started.

There is also possibility that mac device was not able to download installer -> remote deployment task uses the same installation script as if you create Agent live installer for macOS in console. Any chance some specific HTTP proxy configuration is required to download from the internet (repository.eset.com)?

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