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Chrome freezes & random system freeze due to Protocol Filtering

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Protocol Filtering gives my system a lot of headache (note: SSL filtering is disabled), specifically the Chrome browser has many random freezes of 1-2 sec. while typing & browsing (all other browsers work just fine, but I rely on Chrome)

Sometimes, usually once a day, the entire system freezes one process at a time and I have to do a hard-reboot because of it. Not to mention the random CPU spikes in the ESET process while using Chrome...

When disabling protocol filtering everything works smoothly, no freezes whatsoever, but I need protocol filtering to keep me safe... so why is this happening only with Chrome?

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I'd start off by:
- gathering and providing ELC logs
- generating and providing a Procmon log from time when the issue occurs
- generating and providing a complete memory dump when the system freezes (https://support.eset.com/kb380)
- raising a support ticket for customer care so that the case is properly tracked.

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