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Odd email from ESET Social Media Scanner

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I received an email early thsi mroning with the subject heading of "ESET Social Media Scanner: Functionality Issues Detected". Rather than clickign ont he link as many still do, I manually logged into my Facebook account and checked, but my media scanner was still there and running.  If there was a chance it was somehow maybe not runnign porperly, I uninstaleld the app and loaded it back on through Facebook, I still suspect this might have been a phishing email, I have a screencap of the message attached.


Is this for real? I wanted to find out so if it isn't, then others hopefully will check before clickign on anything and compromising their social media.


Return-path: <noreply@socialmediascanner.eset.com>

Received: from fipmb04.BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.net ([])

 by busymta02.int.BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.net

 (Oracle Communications Messaging Server 7u4-27.01( 64bit (built Aug

 30 2012)) with ESMTP id <0N1400H93K6QTRB0@busymta02.int.BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.net> for

 BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66@BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.com; Mon, 17 Feb 2014 00:21:09 -0500 (EST)

Received: from h3-fbc01-v.eset.com ([]) by fipmb04.BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.net with

 ESMTP; Mon, 17 Feb 2014 00:21:09 -0500

Received: from [] (localhost [])

 by h3-fbc01-v.eset.com (Postfix) with ESMTP id 4F9F42E543          for

 <BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66@BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.com>; Mon, 17 Feb 2014 06:21:07 +0100 (CET)

Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 05:21:07 +0000

From: noreply@socialmediascanner.eset.com

Subject: ESET Social Media Scanner: Functionality Issues Detected


Message-id: <e3f649bde3159e2a6ef571e59bff0f40@swift.generated>

MIME-version: 1.0

Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8

Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable

X-IronPort-Anti-Spam-Filtered: true



X-IronPort-AV: E=Sophos;i="4.95,858,1384318800"; d="scan'208,217";a="624168496"

X-SBRS: 5.1

Original-recipient: rfc822;BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66@BLOCKEDBYWAYOUT66.com

X-EsetId: 1FD4963D197432374C91CF



EDIT: I just received another one of these messages, shortly after reapplying the App on my Facebook profile.


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Facebook requires that apps periodically re-authorize with the user every few months.

This message is a result of that and is routine, although it definitely could be better phrased, I think. I will check with ESET's developers to see what can be done about that.

If you go ahead and re-authorize the app, it should start up again as normal.

The repeated message might have been due to a temporary problem on Facebook's side, hitting a maintenance window on ESET's side or something likewise benign. Try waiting a bit and then re-authorizing the app once more.


Aryeh Goretsky

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Noted and thanks for that.  

My concern for the OP is the ESMS sets your Facebook profile at public when using the app.

From my POV this is simply an overall concern as I would not want an app sharing anymore information than Facebook already collects.

It's really bright in here ? Has anyone noticed B)


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