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Reddit - Address has been blocked

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Starting from tonight Eset has started to show a popup each time I open Reddit.com, be it the homepage, a sub topic, anywhere on the website.  I've been using Eset for years and this is the first time such a high profile website is being flagged.

I closed the web browser (Firefox) and reopened Reddit, the same notification appears, and does so after each time the page is refreshed.

I didn't want to whitelist Reddit as it is a website that holds user content. 

The notification can be seen in the screenshot below.

I'm using Eset smart security, up to date.

Browser - Firefox 66.0.2

Its annoying more than anything seeing a popup and hearing the notification sound each time I navigate a new page at Reddit.

Thanks in advance for your help.

eset flagging eset.png

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This has been happening to me since last year (i think). I thought it will be gone after weeks, but alas, at least 5 months now and my antivirus still gives me a pop-up like that every load of Reddit. :(

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