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Hi search on Huawei P20 pro

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Somebody knows about Hi search or Isearch in Huawei P20 pro. It just appear today and when I go on my eset board I see my phone and all my WiFi material but there is an unknown invader " Hangzhou KuoHeng Technology Co., Ltd" unknown 

Anybody encounter that situation before??? 

Thanks for suggestion or info



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Below is an article excerpt. I advise reading the entire article:


At the start of this year, Verizon and AT&T refused to stock Huawei phones in the US, labelling them a security threat. In February, the heads of three US intelligence agencies advised against using Huawei devices. Only last month, President Trump signed the Defense Authorization Act, which included a ban on US government employees and contractors from using Huawei devices.

The suspicion of Huawei has spread beyond the US, too. In July, the British government produced a report criticizing the security protocols of Huawei phones. Most recently, Australia has banned Huawei and fellow Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE from supplying technology for its 5G network.


Huawei products are riddled with security vulnerabilities; 507 to date and counting: https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-5979/Huawei.html

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