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Eset Business Edition for Linux Desktop

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We are using ESET Antivirus software on Ubuntu workstations. The latest is The problem is this version messes up chromium-browser rendering it useless (constant "aw snap!" errors). There is a fix for Home users in version Can we expect to have the same fix for Business Edition?



Sebastian Samulczyk

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We have been having the same problem - it only seems to affect Ubuntu (versions tested are 12.04 through to 14.04) 


https://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/LinuxSandboxing (this is a security feature for Chromium - and seems to be borken by Eset)


The workaround for those people that have to use chromium-browser is to wrap the binary like so:-





# Work around to enable Nod32 to play nice with Chromium on Ubunut - google-chrome-stable works out the box

#First mv /usr/bin/chromium-browser /usr/bin/chromium-browser_real (moving the original binary)

#Then put this script in place /usr/bin/chromium-browser and chmod +x /usr/bin/chromium-browser


/usr/bin/chromium-browser_real --disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox

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