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EIS slowing down internet gradually

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I am a student in South Korea, provided with institutional ethernet network connection, After installing ESET Internet Security 12, I have noticed that internet gradually slows with time and at last gets disconnected (after sometime). I am using ethernet LAN for the network and have to restart the system each time to get the connection back. Alternatively, I manually disable and enable the ethernet connection (in the adapter settings) to restore the internet without restarting the system. I remember having this problem few years back for forgot how did I solve this. Also I have tried disabling the entire ESET protection (system, network & internet) and it did not restore the internet. The solutions available on the web does not work. I have attached the log file generated before slowing down (eis_logs_1.zip), after slowing down (eis_logs_2.zip) and after internet disconnection (eis_logs_3.zip) for your reference. I can see lot of recently blocked communications, and I think it may have something to with it. Kindly solve this problem.
Thank you :).



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Please gather logs with ESET Log Collector and post the generated archive here so that we can check the version of installed modules and a list of software that is installed on the machine.

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