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The Logic of your user interface (y/n)

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On 4/3/2019 at 2:25 PM, peteyt said:

Could maybe removing the more tools part help e.g. all tools shown in tool area by default?

After thinking about it, peteyt's suggestion concerning tools is a good idea.

On 4/5/2019 at 11:54 AM, peteyt said:

Also the right click menu found when clicking on the icon in the taskbar would be good if could be customized so users could add stuff they use more for quick access e.g. game mode etc.   

Also, I think his idea about the taskbar icon merits review. Not sure if that would confuse some people or how difficult it would be to set up or use.



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Perhaps a bit of historical review will get things into proper perspective.

Eset prior to ver. 9 had a "dated" but well-liked user interface. Starting with ver. 9, Eset adopted the current Metro style GUI. I assume that was for compatibility for all devices on which Win 10 could be installed on. There were a lot of complaints initially about the Metro style GUI; especially with changes made in regards to HIPS rule creation and editing. I am also one who did not like the changes made to the HIPS in regards to the Metro GUI adoption. Over time, I have adapted to the changes to the Eset GUI due to the Metro style changes.

The point here is Eset laid out the GUI as best as it could in light of restrictions employed by use of the Metro style. Although it may be possible to perform limited changes to the Eset existing GUI, I really wouldn't expect to much in this regard.

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12 hours ago, PassingBy said:

 With all due respects.

1) Bottom line - no one is going "to spoon feed you"
2) However by doing so, you assume all responsibility for any adverse malware activity resulting from any change from the recommended default settings. The same assumption applies to any adverse system operational impact.

Buying an antivirus must not be a job for researchers. So, if that fits well to you and your heroic tendencies and cravings for experimenting it's all good and fine but YOU are not all the users and not all users might have the spare time you have to waste in researches. I find myself OK. But there are users who have problems with that UI and no time to waste in endless searches on online documentation etc. Your conception is not only individualistic (it fits you, should fit the others too); it's obsolete and counterproductive; to a huge extent irrational. One buys a software to fulfill a task. The idea you are trying to push is that of a software that needs to be serviced as it is unable to adapt to the user. This is not about "spoon feeding". Rather about making the UI more intuitive. You seem to be worried at the fact that the software may escape the small elite that boasts the capacity to use it rather than be bent on expanding its use. At a first look, doesn't seem very constructive for ESET or for the users, except a few maybe.


In my opinion ("With all due respects") your critique of itman's observation  is unfair and uncalled for. To use words like "individualistic"..."and to a huge extent irrational" is nothing but a dramatic display/rant . itman (to the best of my knowledge) is NOT an ESET employee, so to project an image that he is an employee by saying "The idea you are trying to push is that of a software that needs to be serviced as it is unable to adapt to the user" is absurd. 

ESET's documentation and advice has always been (for years), for the majority of users, USE THE DEFAULTS. Endless searches are not necessary, just do your due diligence.

itman is a respected member of this Forum and has helped many, many users with their issues.

Just thought you should know my opinion.



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ESET's gui is subject to overhaul. While we do our best to tailor the gui for the majority of users, there are either technical limitations or some changes are too "expensive" in order to be done. Also it is obvious that we cannot make the gui likeable by 100% of all users and there will always be some who will like it and the others won't.

Thank you for expressing your opinions. We are always open to constructive feedback and for suggestions how to make our products better in the eyes of you, our customers. Now that everything has been said, we will draw this topic to a close.

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