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ELA Duplicate Computers HWF problem?

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I believe i've seen a few posts in this forum section about this issue, but they've been archived, without a resolution.



This is just one of our machines, most of which look similar to this. I've seen it mentioned that this is due to a hardware fingerprinting issue where the machine gets a new license for each new Mac Address? Seems odd, this tablet does do an ethernet connection, wifi, and cellular, but that would be three.. there are 12 there listed for this machine, since September, and i'd guess by the numbering scheme there have been a 'few' more generated.


I'm not totally sure, as this was just reported to me today, but it appears that we might also be loosing task history (and quarantine/detection) on machines that are getting a new license this way.


In the other archived posts there are replies that state this is a known issue (with maybe the exception of the history loss) and that it's being worked on, did I miss the post where it's been solved, or is this still being worked on?

Is this fixed in EBL, and i should migrate there? Is there some setting, or setup that i've done wrong here?






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  • ESET Staff

Hello @jdashn,

This issue is still not solved. Reason why you show 12 entries is, that approx every 6 hours our endpoint does a regular check to our servers. If the network adapter changes between those connection attempts, it will get a new entry, regardless if it was already present before. 

But I want to assure you that this has nothing to do with a task history or anything on the client. What I would recommend to “auto solve” this, is to shorten the interval for automatic seat deactivation+creating a dynamic group in ESMC that will automatically activate the product on “joined dynamic group trigger” (with hourly repetition, in case there is any trouble with the lic. servers).

I will work on getting an update about the resolution state for you.



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