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ESET Won't Load/Start

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Past week I've been having issues with ESET starting on computer startup.

I've had to completely uninstall it, and reinstall it.

Was working fine for a few days, but now back to the same thing.

Went to MSCONFIG, and it's there on Startup tab (screenie), but 'Stopped' on Services tab (screenie).

In Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services, I see this (screenie).

Furthermore, I go to Action Center (screenie), choose 'YES', and nothing happens.

Please help.

Since I can't open it, I don't know how to provide anything other than my OS which is Win7.

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Try the following:
- in safe mode uninstall ESET using the Uninstall tool (https://support.eset.com/kb2289/)
- install the latest v12.1.31 from scratch

Should the problem persist, gather logs with ESET Log Collector and post the generated archive here. At the same time raise a support ticket for customer care and provide them with the logs as well.

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When I try to uninstall in safe mode, I end up with a black screen with a cursor...so I can't move past that point in order to uninstall.

I was able to uninstall in "safe with networking" however and reinstalled.

Because ESET loads/doesn't load randomly on startup, I will have to post back with an update.

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