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I'm using Eset Internet Security . Eset Firewall is set to Interactive Mode to monitor which programs try to access internet. Is there a way to look at daily & weekly statistics what programs attempted access to what sites, and with what kind of traffic?

There seems to be a bug in this mode. After switching Firewall Off for some time, and then switching it back On, Eset fails to read already stored rules in Interactive mode, and keeps popping up requests from programs that are long saved in Rules. It reads rules again only upon reboot, while simple user log out and re-login doesn't fix the issue.

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22 minutes ago, zamar27 said:

After switching Firewall Off for some time, and then switching it back On

Is this in reference to sign-off/sign-on activity or are you manually disabling the firewall?

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Try this. Refer to the below screen shot.

When you want to return to Interactive mode, open Eset GUI -> Network Protection. Click on the down arrow following the gear symbol associated with "Firewall." Select "Interactive mode" and click on any "OK" prompts to save your settings.


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Eset retains Interactive Mode setting in its GUI after switching Firewall Off and On again. The problem is, it does NOT read the set Interactive Mode rules upon returning back from Firewall Off state. I can try re-reading the rules each time by the manual mode reset, but its a bug, and it looks like it has already been fixed. Thanks!

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