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Error MSI.8257588 when installing AIO package on computers with already installed ESET agent


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Dear all,

installation of All-in-one package (ESET Endpoint Antivirus + Management Agent) fails with error message: The installation was not completed successfully.
This happens on all computers with ESET Management Agent already installed on. I have tried different versions (also with AV remover tool included) but the result is the same every time.
We install ESET Agent via SCCM on every domain computer to avoid having computers without Antivirus product, so basically this problem affects every computer.


Thank you for your help.



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Hi Peter,

thank you for your reply. Yes it is the similar issue, but...
Our computers have installed only ESET Management Agent v 7.0.577.0 via SCCM and they need just ESET Endpoint Antivirus.
So .msi package from ESET website does not do the trick for me. Especially because we need Endpoint Antivirus version 6.6.2089.2 (newer versions are not compliant with Cisco Anyconnect hostscan check).

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