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ESET NOD32 "An error occurred during installation of the epfwwfp driver"


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I just update to NOD32 and it looks like the "private firewall?" having problem after the install and a red window pop up and it says "An error occurred during the installation of the epfwwfp driver"

so, I do know that NOD32 doesn't have private firewall but is it normal or should i do something about it?



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If the issue persist after uninstalling v12.1 and installing it from scratch, it's most likely caused by permission issues or there are some issue with the Driver store and the driver fails to install.

If possible, try uninstalling EAV and installing ESET Internet Security (activate a 30-day trial version). After installation and activation, enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for customer care. Next reboot the machine. After the reboot, disable advanced logging, gather logs with ESET Log Collector and supply the generated archive for perusal.

Once the issue has been resolved with EIS, you can install EAV and it should work alright then.

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