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Computer Name not chaging

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Good afternoon,

We have the ESET Security Management Center (7.0.577.0) and Web Console (7.0.429.0). I set up a new computer with ESET Endpoint and the ESET Agent and then it appears on the "Computers" section, with a name which is the same than FQDN. Normally it's a code like this: 1065307aa951.

After that, I change this code to the laptop user's name, for example, John Smith. Everything is OK for the next 10 minutes. After a web refresh, "John Smith" disappears and it comes back to the code: 1065307aa951.

Before upgrading to ESET SMC v7 there was no problem with changing computer names...

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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  • ESET Staff

Is this computer located in Lost and Found group, or elswhere?
AFAIK, there might be a default task "rename computers", which renames the computer to entry reported in FQDN (or any other condition).

The name in the ESMC console should be persistent, unless overwritten by the task / manually. You can check if such task is not set and how is it set in the "server tasks" section of ESET security Management Center. 

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