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Endpoint restarts

Marie Bass

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Hi we have recently had Eset antivirus installed on our site and during the testing phase everything was looking good. Since the role out we now have several hundred devices reporting that antivirus has been install successfully but they need a restart for all the changes to take effect. We have tried restarting the devices several different ways like restarting from the web console, desktop console and the device itself but the security alert is still showing. This is not happening on majority of devices so cant seem to find what the issue is. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  • ESET Staff

What would help is the actual error (screenshot from the ESMC console, that is showing the required restart).

 As there might be multiple reasons to trigger a restart: 

  1. product was upgraded to a newer version - that needs restart (even if you do a repair of the installation, it might trigger restart - so check whether it´s not being reinstalled, we saw that with misconfigured dynamic groups). 
  2. some feature was disabled (like HIPS) and it needs restart to apply changes
  3. some feature was enabled (like device control) and it needs restart, to apply changes 

If the machines are Windows 10, which I assume they are, please make sure you need to initiate the proper "reboot", instead of a shutdown, as the Windows 10 does not "shut down" like in case of Windows 7, it goes to some sort of hybernation. 

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  • Administrators

Also please confirm that you're seeing the same message in gui on the client. The message should contain a link to reboot so you can click it. Let us know if the message is not displayed after the reboot.

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