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Listed on RBL, reclassified to OK but still quarantined?!

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I have had to add various RBLs to EMSX (suggested by ESET Support) since it is unable to handle spam correctly having had numerous spam emails recently make it through and into mailboxes. Since adding the RBLs, spam is no longer a problem.

However, false positives do occur, but even though the IP address is listed on an RBL, EMSX is then reclassifying it to OK, as follows:

IP ( listed on RBL service (bl.spamcop.net:, Mail was reclassified to OK by whitelisted IP (

Even though EMSX claims the email is now OK and no longer SPAM, the email is still being quarantined as SPAM! But why?

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Could you please check the antispam log for details about the reason why a particular email was evaluated (incorrectly) as spam?

Also please provide logs gathered by ESET Log Collector.

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I have now removed the EMSX policy altogether, sent a wake-up call to EMSX to unassign the policy settings, reset EVERYTHING within advanced settings to defaults and created a brand new policy manually with a very minimal configuration.

Greylisted is now disabled (as per the defaults) but I have enabled the temporary rejection of unclassified email and also the option whereby rejected emails are sent to ESET for further analysis. The results now are similar to before but with a difference, as follows:

03/04/2019 09:20:10
Your Kitchen camera saw someone.
deferred for 12 minutes
Mail was reclassified to OK by whitelisted IP (

How has EMSX determined the IP address is whitelisted?

If the IP really is whitelisted, why has EMSX reclassified it to "OK" and rejected it despite being whitelisted?

What does "OK" even mean?

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