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Valentine's Day Deals @ Newegg


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Hello friends,


I have to admit i already bought a copy of ESS. :)



I may buy a few more before it ends lol. :wub:




I have been a subscriber for quite a long time.

If you aren't yet, sign up !

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The last copies of NON32 Antivirus cost me $4.99.


I get an email from them every day.


Problem is I now have licenses  until 2017 and I'm almost 80 years old. :)

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Dag Nabbit !


I forgot about Swex again.

I'm a lousy online friend :lol:


I will think outside the box(us) next time. I promise :)


Good ole Swex , always straightening me out when im slippin .

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Cheers Arakasi & jadinolf  :lol:


Arakasi don't worry about Newegg it's no big deal for me they sell Oldeggs anyway :rolleyes:, but I still like to mention the US only policy when I can  :P

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