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If you open Outlook and click the Tools menu you should see an option from Trust Center and thenAdd-ins, this should let you remove the ESET plugin and anything else that shouldn't be there. There should be a dropdown box labeled Manage and a button that says Go at the bottom of the add-ins screen. You must select Exchange Client Extensions to find the ESET plugin. Click the Go button and look for the ESET plugin. If you see it, remove/disable it and then restart Outlook. 

couldn't find the extension !!!

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Open the Eset GUI. Using Advanced Setup, click on "Web and Email." Click on  "Email client protection." Refer to the below screen shot . Uncheck "Enable email protection by client plug-ins." Save your changes. This should eliminate the Eset add-on for Outlook.

Note doing this will reduce Eset's e-mail protection and e-mail will only be scanned upon arrival.


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