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Messaggio Eset Anti_furto senza senso (Meaningless Anti-Theft message)

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Buongiorno a tutti ... ogni tanto la mattina quanto accendo il pc mi arriva la mail di avviso di allerta di Eset Anti-furto, quando in realtà accedo al mio solito account protetto e non quello civetta di libero accesso .,... da cosa potrebbe dipendere ?

Ho fatto eseguire ad Eset il controllo generale del pc senza la minima segnalazione ... ho sempre Eset aggiornato 


Grazie a chi mi vorrà dare una mano



Machine translation:

Hello everyone ... every now and then in the morning when I turn on the PC I get an e-mail alert of ESET Anti-theft alert, when in reality I access my usual protected account and not the free access owl account, ... from what could it be?

I did Eset to run the general PC check without the slightest signal ... I always have Eset updated

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Machine translation added

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First of all, we kindly ask you to post in English so that the others can understand and help you.

1, What ESET product do you use?
2, What Anti-Theft message did you receive?
3, Have you checked if the device is not marked as missing in the Anti-Theft portal?

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Hello Marcos, many thanks for answer ....


2) Message : ESET Anti-Theft recorded suspicious activity on its CORRADO-PC device. Someone logged into the device using the ghost account. etc......

3) Where do i go to check? I don't know this procedure

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