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This morning, my ESET Mobile  Security, running on a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Verizon), was updated to version via the Google Play store.

Yesterday, while I do not recall the version number - in the 'about' section - the app indicated it was a 64-bit app: "ESET Mobile Security (64 bit).

After the update, in the about section, it now reads "ESET Mobile Security (32 bit).

Why would the update change the 'bitness' of the app?

Should I uninstall and reinstall?

This is very odd behavior!

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Hello Howard,

We are indeed in the process of switching from 32-bit modules to 64-bit modules.

The 64-bit module are being tested and will be released via an update soon, so currently the app runs 32-bit modules, but there is full compatibility and full protection even on 64-bit systems and thus nothing to worry about.

Now why you saw "64-bit" in the about screen earlier - this was simply a bug, which instead of the modules showed the bit-ness of the system. We fixed the bug in the latest release and now it correctly shows the bit-ness of the modules.


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