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Upload images allows Adobe Flash LSO


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I've noted and this is a concern - when using the attach files to upload feature a Adobe LSO is clearly seen.

Is this on the Invision board software ? And how can we get rid of it so that we are not flashed when we attach files in threads ?




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I'm afraid i am not having or seeing the issue you are referring to. :)

Have any screenies ?


If im using the basic upload, the command button is a java or html configured button.

If i switch to the advanced and right click the cmd button, its a flash coded onclick button.

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I know what swf is.

Like i said, the basic uploader does not use swf.


See the code behind it.

        <h2 class="ipsType_subtitle">Attach Files</h2>
        <span id="buttonPlaceholder"></span>
        <iframe style="width: 500px; z-index: 30000; height: 25px; overflow: hidden; background-color: transparent;" tabindex="1" src="null" allowtransparency="allowTransparency" class="clearfix" border="0" name="iframeAttach_0" id="iframeAttach_0" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe><input id="add_files_attach_0" class="ipsType_small ipsButton_secondary attach_button" value="Attach This File" style="clear: both;" tabindex="75" type="button">
                <span class="desc ipsType_small" id="space_info_attach_0">You can upload up to <strong>2MB</strong> of files (Max. single file size: <strong>2MB</strong>)</span>
                <p class="desc lighter ipsType_smaller" id="help_msg">
                                  <a href="#" data-switch="flash" title="" tabindex="-1">Try our advanced uploader (requires Flash 9)</a>




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