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I am trying to find out if an investment in ESET will help

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Hello, 1st post. I am using the home trial version of Eset's premium home network/A/V/anti-malware. No commercially produced security software has yet to help. All of my internet connected devices seem to have been hijacked by an unknown host/server/domain. I have only gotten brief glimpses of this but I know that an Azure server with unresolvable ip address has NT permissions on my machine that no security software has been capable of deleting this malware, perhaps because my actual system/localhost is shown residing on remote location-again unable to find info thru tracert, whois etc. The windows tool SubInACL  helped once with resetting permissions but this bootkit(?) host virus(?) is capable of adapting and now blocks installation of subInAcl by showing final windows as "remove" instead of "finish" button. It has used similar self protective tools such as blocking any effective anti-malware by downloading programs with .htm or .jpg extensions rather than .exe. 

As a server, it is also capable of infecting OSX, iOS, Linux and Android OS. Few programs can even detect problem as Windows software is running. It doesn't seem to detect parallel OS "WINDOWS" not "Windows". though the malware has replaced all drivers (non capable of "rolling back". If I try to force correct DNS (Google or OpenDNS nameservers), IP settings it will not connect to internet. Every PC is shown as a "workstation" does not support home group and shows all admin users belonging to whatever name I give with an alphanumeric suffix following (domain name or alias I assume). The few answers that seem to match up with the symptoms I have show a UEFI infection. In BIOS PCS the BIOS and MBR have been changed before machine is finished setting up. No amount of resetting fixes that. Installing a new OS doesn't work as the boot process is always stopped at the point where I am supposed to indicate folder for drivers. I have tried every folder shown as available in these cases and get the same error message-no drivers found in these folders- regardless of whether the drivers folder is shown or not. 

I have only leaned what this nasty bug has taught me re. PC security so forgive any possible misuse of terminology. Every machine purchased in past 10 years has had issue & I've spent fortune on live, remote and program attempts to fix. Grateful beyond measure for anything that can fix this situation.

Bill S

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13 hours ago, marintaxpro said:

Every machine purchased in past 10 years has had issue & I've spent fortune on live, remote and program attempts to fix.

What your narrative describes is akin to something out of a malware sci-fi horror movie. Are you stating that every device you have connented to your network in the last 10 years has been affected by what you posted?

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