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Renew license for Internet Security but not received the code after paiement

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I renewed license for Internet Security, the webpage showed a number of order, since then i haven't recived any confirmation neither code to activate again the license, now i hope the website was not a fake one... I didn't find any customer contact, what can I do?

Thank you

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When I clicked on "Renew License" i was sent to this page: https://eshop.eset.com/de/eset/renewal/?utm_source=application&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=renew&utm_content=eis&utm_term=eis&mktCpId=EISIPLREN&username=EAV-0242779181&localeCode=fr-fr

With the ID license i was proposed offers. I choosed one, got this message on webpage : Ihre Bestellung XXXXXXXX wird bearbeitet.
Sofern Ihre Rechnung bezahlt ist, erhalten Sie eine E-Mail mit weiteren Informationen zu Ihrer Bestellung und Ihre/r Lizenz/en (enthält Aktivierungslink).
Warenkorbübersicht Bestellnr.

The page was in german, i could not find alternative language but i follwed because offer was interesting.

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The fact is that you've been using a leaked license key that can be found on the Internet. Have you checked if you were really charged for the renewal? The fact is that it was a license key from a PC magazine that leaked and should not allow purchasing renewals.

I recommend contacting German support and asking for a refund if you were really charged. Then you could purchase a new license through the e-shop.

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