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ESMC Root/Webmin Password

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Is it possible to set a different passwords for CentOS root user and the default ESMC Web Console Administrator? After changing the VM password from the ESMC Server Appliance I am not able to login per SSH or Webmin but I still can login from the Server Appliance. I have also tried changing the Password directly from Webmin but then I am not able to login into the ESMC Server Appliance. 


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  • ESET Staff

Passwords for root in operating system (SSH/Webmin access) and Administrator in ESMC are initially set to the same value that was chosen during web configuration, but they are not interconnected or synchronized in any way. This means that you can (have to) change them individually, which means:

  • changing password in ESMC for Administrator account will have no impact on root password as used for terminal/SSH/Webmin access.
  • changing root's password via terminal or webmin have no impact on accounts in ESMC.
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