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Computer status slow to update

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since we upgraded to ESMC and updated the agents, the computers status are taking forever to update in the management center.
Anything we do on the client computer seems to take about one or two days to be detected by the agent.
Ex: 1 client is not activated. I activate it, I can see on the computer that it is activated, but the management center is still shows "product is not activated". The next day, it's still not detected as activated. I can see in the  columns that the agent connects correctly and is up to date. After a few days, the management center detects it as "Activated".

Why does it take so long to update? All our clients are doing that.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, this is definitelly not a normal behavior. I would recommend to contact customer care and raise a ticket. We will look into it. It might indicate performance problems with your server or possibly database issues. 

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