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Renewal again, and again my account isnt recognized for the 30% discount - why ?


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I use the Nod32 Antivirus for home for 2 years now. And I remember I had the same problem last year.
Ok because its not that expensive I gave up last year to wait for the support to answer and paid the full price - but now this year I have the same problem again !

And now I really get pissed because I already lost 30% and now again 30% - WHY ????

My initial purchase was 2017 - then last year they tell on the website to get the 30% renewal discount - but that doesnt work.
All I get is the "your email isnt recognized by our system" message. But why is that exact email valid to log me into my account ?

And now its the same, I shall renew but the 30% discount isnt working - and the chat and support arnt available ...

Whats wrong with ESET ???

Can I please talk to someone responsible and get my actual 30% PLUS last years 30% - as this hopefully is the way to get you guys fixing this bug.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-04 um 16.02.23.png

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Please contact ESET Philippines since it's the local distributor who is responsible for local sales, discounts and e-shop as such.

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