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Problem that appears to be related to edevmon.sys

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I have an annoying persistent problem that appears to be related to edevmon.sys

Device manager reports an Unknown USB device.

Properties of this device indicate a Code 43 error. driver details indicate edevmon.sys.

Updating the driver indicates the best driver is installed.

Disabling or uninstalling the device has no permanent result.

Suggestions that might resolve this issue greatly appreciated.


OS - Windows 10 Pro; Version 1809; Build 17763.348

MB- MSI  Z370 Gaming M5

Images uploaded

USB Fail 1.png

USB Fail2.png

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Hi @punta30

Im guessing that this was also an issue prior to having your ESET product installed ?

edevmon.sys wont be the culprit , but at first glance it will appear to be the case as its name appears there.

Have you checked the MSI  website for the "Intel Chipset & Intel Management Engine " driver updates for your specific  motherboard. Id put money on one of those 2 being the culprit :)



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Thanks for your advice.

I did the motherboard updates but they had no effect; continued getting the unknown device report

Uninstalled Eset  and the unknown device report changed to 'No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device'.

Looks like a motherboard defect.


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A few solutions per the below linked article:


Replace the data cable that connects the device to the computer, assuming it has one. This potential fix for a Code 43 error is most often useful if you're seeing the error on an external device like a USB or FireWire device.

Purchase a powered USB hub if the Code 43 error is showing up for a USB device. Some USB devices need more power than the USB ports that are built into your computer can provide. Plugging those devices into a powered USB hub solves that issue.


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Thanks for your help and suggestions.

I have removed all external devices connected to the motherboard, including headers to case USB slots, and operated with only a PS2 keyboard.

I still get the unknown USB device report.

I'll refer the issue to motherboard manufacturer


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