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ESET Endpoint Encryption Client version 5 and Server version 3 have been released

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Release Date: February 28, 2019

ESET Endpoint Encryption Client version 5 and Server version 3 have been released and are available to download.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server Changelog


  • Added: Support for ESET Endpoint Encryption installs
  • Added: Support to auto re-initialize database resource if in maintenance mode
  • Added: Padding to tables in group policy display for readability
  • Changed: Rebranded software to ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
  • Changed: When in maintenance mode, if SQL configuration exists an attempt will be made to re-initialize the connection
  • Fixed: Problem clearing license flags during re-sync
  • Fixed: Problem using self-enrollment with auto encryption together
  • Fixed: Problem with starting service a second time on some processor types
  • Fixed: Issue with password validation failure when performing some commands
  • Fixed: Issue when generating activation codes in a list with only a single user


ESET Endpoint Encryption Client Changelog


  • Added: Full Disk Encryption now supports OPAL self-encrypting drives (SED) (Managed client only)
  • Changed: Rebranded software to ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
  • Improved: Updated the legacy (MBR) Full Disk Encryption bootloader to work around a problem caused by HitmanPro and any 3rd party tools that silently block writing to the MBR. These tools could cause a Full Disk Encrypted system to no longer boot after upgrading ESET Endpoint Encryption.
  • Improved: The new Maintenance Mode previously introduced in DESlock+ v4.9.2 is now supported on legacy, non-UEFI, machines. (Enterprise Client only)
  • Improved: Updated self-heal process performed after a Windows 10 feature update.
  • Improved: Outlook Add-in no longer shows as failed to load when blocked by policy. It now shows as loaded, but does not add UI elements to Outlook. (Enterprise Client only)
  • Improved: Command-line tool (dlpcmd) has new commands to retrieve Workstation ID and maintenance mode status. Added support for legacy maintenance mode and several minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed: SSO would not update if a password was changed twice or more times in the same session.
  • Fixed: There was problem during activation when the system default keyboard had a long name. (Managed client only)
  • Fixed: ESET Endpoint Encryption Go could experience a performance dip when copying multiple files on Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with Outlook Add-in registration. The x86 add-in would not be registered on x64 Windows if installed before Outlook. (This only occurred with DESlock+ v4.9.4)
  • Fixed: Outlook Add-in would crash if a signature containing an image was used and the mail format was set to RTF.
  • Fixed: In some rare cases when using Mobile Device Compatibility Mode the Outlook Add-in could crash when sending an e-mail to an exchange mail group.


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