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how to created device control report

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I'v installed ESMC7 recently and i'v created a policy to block Disk Storage. Now all the usb port of clients are blocked. would you please help me how can i generate report to show me which clients are trying to connect usb to their system and they blocked by the policy. 

what i did is :

1.first i've created a policy to block the disk storage and it works correctly and its ok.

2.i created a new report template report and i named it Device Control Report(as you can see in attachment )

3.i created a server task to make a report but there is no result and the report didnt show any things ?


generated report.png

created server task.png

report generated.png

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  • ESET Staff

First of all, be aware that once you created report, it takes some time this information is propagated to client, and blocked events will be collected since that moment.

Also If I recall correctly, it is crucial to configure device control rule in a way that events are actually propagated into ESMC -> please check how "Logging verbosity" is configured and whether it is set to "warning".

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  • Administrators

You can set logging severity for each rule as shown below. Without doing this, information about application of the particular rule won't make it to the ESMC server.



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