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Unable to update to signature 9398


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I have 9398, so you should be able to get it now if you click the "update now" button manually. Unless the product have pinged the VSD server already.


VSD's shouldn't get published on the ThreatSense update page until they're actually released so something went a head of time at some point if it indeed was seen there this morning. Afaik they're published automatically so it's possible it was an automated error I guess.

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Great  :)


One possibilty is that the Sig info got published on the update page a tad too early, or there was a delay until the update was put on the VSD servers. So when the product didn't find 9398 on the VSD server when checking it's easy to think there's a hiccup somewhere.


No biggie and all sorted now I think  :D

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