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Lateral move/upgrade quirk

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I've been doing relatively well with the migration/upgrade project of my ESET ERA/ESMC server but I just hit a bit of an oddity.  For the background, here's what I've done so far:

-backed up database from My SQL on previous ERA host server

-set up new ERA host server on Windows Server 2016 using MySQL database

-got everything imported, up and running as ERA 6.5

I'm now working on upgrading to ESMC, which is also going well - I'm logging into the web console now and that's all gone quite smoothly.  It is showing on the server that I'm running:


ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.577.0)
ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.0 (7.0.429.0)

So, it prompts me to upgrade because there's a newer version available.  This is a little odd because I just downloaded this version half an hour ago ... so I guess that stand alone downloads off the web site aren't the latest updates?  Anyway ... it throws an error that says "Failed to create task: the referenced repository package is not available."

That's not the weird part ... the weird part is when I was checking to see how the versions I was running stacked up against what the latest version it wanted to install - on my Help | About page it says that I'm using the "Ubuntu (64-bit), Version 16.04" ... so ... there's a holdover in the database from the migration that hasn't picked up what system the migration/upgrade is running on.  I'm thinking that this may be impacting the ability of the platform to run an upgrade if it's trying to do it using Debian style package management tools which are obviously not available on Windows Server 2016. 

Image of versioning and the Ubuntu reference attached.


TLDR; How do I tell a migrated ERA/ESMC database that it's now running on Windows Server 2016 and not Ubuntu 16.04?


Thanks for any help ... doesn't everyone love a puzzle?




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  • ESET Staff

Both issues (version check & wrong system) are most probably related to state of ESET Management Agent as installed on machine where ESMC Server is installed. Could you verify that is is actually connecting to new ESMC server? In this migration scenario you had to completely reinstall this AGENT which means there should be two entries of ESMC Server in your console, one representing original server, and one "duplicate" representing new installation.

In order to resolve your issues, you should:

  • To resolve wrong OS information,
    1. ensure there is ESET Management Agent installed on the same machine as migrated ESMC servers
    2. ensure it is connecting to ESMC Server
    3. verify that AGENT installed on old ESMC Server is no longer connecting to new (migrated) ESMC Server
  • To resolve version check:
    1. Once migration is successfully completed, there should be two entries of ESMC Server in your console. Old one should be no longer updating, and version as reported from history is triggering upgrade prompt -> you should erase this entry from console, but be aware that all data tied to this old device will be lost.
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OK .. I've been working through a few more things to try and get this sorted out based on your advice.  This is an all-in-one install, so all the components are on one.  The old server, after the migration took place, was shut down and is no longer running so it can't be connecting.  I've removed it's computer entry from the listed computers - is there anywhere else that I need to remove a reference to it because it was a server?

The new server's agent didn't seem to be picking up correctly, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it - not sure what happened the first time, but it is registering in the console now.

And I was about to write that now the server version is just coming back as a string of n/a n/a n/a ... but before I hit post on this I went back and checked and now it's coming up right with the Windows Server 2016.  I guess it just took a few minutes to update what was going on.  The note for upgrade has cleared and it seems to be good to go now.

Thanks again for your efficient helpful assistance!



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