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Am I able to find these in the program itself at all?

I simply can't find my details anywhere and may have used one of three email addresses to make my purchases from the last few years.

When I clicked the icon to make a purchase after the renewal message popped up this morning, I got the attached picture error message.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts or help.

Eset problem.jpg

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I have no clue as to what that shown popup is about. It doesn't look legit to me since it's referring to a file but the data shown indicates a web site.

Since it appears you reside in the UK, I would go here: https://www.eset.com/uk/#content-existing-customer to renew your license. Before you do that, verify that your license is indeed close to its expiration date.

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Maybe you don't have a default browser set. If you enter "start https://www.eset.com" in the command-line console, does it open ESET's website in the default browser? What version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus do you have installed?

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