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ESET Security Management Center installer version has been released

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Release date: February 21, 2019

ESET Security Management Center version has been released.



Version 7.0.72.X

  • Added: Specific warning dialog on installations with installed ERA proxy about the steps needed to migrate the infrastructure to the new replication protocol
  • Added: Option to activate Android devices using offline license file
  • Added: One-click navigation to Enterprise Inspector from EEI reported threats
  • Added: Option to choose multiple filters at once
  • Added: Paging for “Submitted files” page
  • Changed: Detection of installed compatible Java version does not require Oracle Java. A user can manually choose existing installations of different Java versions, including free JDK or Amazon Coretto
  • Changed: Increased threshold to display 1000 groups in the group tree
  • Changed: Ability to generate All-in-one installer without a license (removed validator that was added in ESMC 7.0)
  • Changed: Mobile enrollment workflow now requests EULA acceptance
  • Changed: All-in-one installer on Windows now warns when attempting to run it on incompatible operating system
  • Changed: Removed “Pending restart check” from the Software Installation task logic
  • Improved: Android enrollment process only needs the enrollment link to be clicked once
  • Fixed: It´s not possible to recover the iOS device from the lost mode after issuing the Find command from ESMC.
  • Fixed: Not all files are being removed from the installation directory after uninstallation of MDM Connector.
  • Fixed: Problem with the old version of MDM being still reported as installed after an upgrade, despite being correctly upgraded to the latest version due to the duplicated registry entries.
  • Fixed: MDM Connector crashes upon loading HTTPS certificate.
  • Fixed: Ability to upgrade from ERA / ESMC using the Component upgrade task
  • Fixed: ESMC Server service crashing after deleting Dynamic Groups
  • Fixed: Missing one-click action for alert “Windows updates available”
  • Fixed: Tooltips do not show in the ESMC main menu, when in collapsed state
  • Fixed: Issue after upgrade from ERA agent to ESMC agent results in a state where both applications are reported as installed
  • Fixed: Various broken agent upgrades
  • Fixed: Issues with ESMC server losing connections from agents
  • Fixed: Notifications do not send with NOR/NAND operators
  • Fixed: MDM Core modules cannot be updated resulting in a “recent update attempts failed” status
  • Fixed: Secondary IP address of the device is displayed in the Web Console
  • Fixed: Data is missing or incorrectly reported to Syslog for ESET Endpoint Inspector alarms
  • Fixed: Issue when applied policy on MDM prevents upgrade
  • Fixed: Issue when future planned tasks are not executed unless computer is restarted
  • Fixed: Status overview chart does not render automatically if you change tabs
  • Fixed: Other fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed: Various product localization issues reported after the release


Known Issues

For a detailed list of known issues, see Known issues for ESET Security Management Center.

Support Resources

Online Help (user guides):

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Which version of ESET Remote Administrator or ESET Security Management Center Server and related components do I have?

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removed "AIO" and "Windows" reference as this applies to the standalone install and Linux as well

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