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ESMC didn't refresh the client pc IP address

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I have some troubles with my company ESET ESMC, when I open the computer list I saw some false IP-addresses to the client PC names. e.g.: I ping the PC named "K089" and recived the IP, but on the webmanagment site from ESMC it shows the IP


Is it possible to configure ESMC or the ESET clients to resolve the Hostnames periodically from the DNS Server?


Thanks in advanced



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  • ESET Staff

IP addresses as reported by ESMC for specific clients are provided by ESMC Agent itself, and should be updated almost instantly (Windows will actually notify AGENT that change has occurred). This means that AGENT has to be actually connecting to ESMC -> which might be problem in your case. Not sure I correctly understand but it seems that "Last connection" of this client is from 9th January, which means that data shown for this client in console are very old and that is why IP address is wrong. In case you confirm that AGENT is not connecting, I would recommend to follow documentation, especially section "Troubleshooting AGENT connection" to resolve connectivity issues.

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