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Trouble with a game and interactive firewall

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Using Eset Internet Security


I use Eset in Interactive mode, and everything is usually fine, but I've had a problem with the game World of Tanks for a while now. The game itself runs fine, but there's certain parts of the UI which open up what I believe are in-game web browser windows. As I understand, this is all done through a separate file, 'cef_browser_process.exe' which is identified as 'World Of Tanks Chromium Embedded Browser'. Which makes sense, game calls the chromium browser to render all the web content.

Anyway, the problem is that I don't seem to be able to get anything to display through it. Any time I open an in-game window that would use this browser, it simply times out and throws an error. I've tried manually allowing the 'cef_browser_process.exe' for both TCP and UDP, both directions. Same for the game .exe and any related .exe in the game folder and subfolders. The thing is, if I disable the firewall and allow all internet traffic, the browser immediately starts working fine, I don't even need to restart the game. What I've been doing since realising this is simply disabling the firewall for a minute or so whenever I need to access the in-game features which need the browser windows, and then turn the firewall back on and continue playing, but obviously this is a big hassle.


Is there anything I can do to properly fix this? As far as I can tell everything is being correctly allowed though the firewall, and because it's set to interactive anythign that isn't being given the permission should be asking.


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I'd suggest trying the following:
- export your current config. to a file
- delete all firewall custom rules
- switch fw to learning mode
- run the game
- after you quit the game, switch the fw to interactive mode.

Does it help?

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Hi Marcos,


Thanks for the pointers. I did as suggested, and everything worked fine. So I went into the rules and looked at the new rules that had been created, loaded up the old config file and recreated the rules, but still no luck.


So, instead I just deleted all rules related to the game, switched to learning mode and launched it, confirmed that everything was working, and switched back to interactive mode. Not sure why simply copying the rule over didn't work initially, but everything's working now, so no complaints. Thanks!

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