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Unexpected kernel mode trap: Epfwwfp.sys

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When trying to access one of my network drive, I always get a blue screen of death with the following message:
Stop code: Unexpected kernel mode trap
What failed: epfwwfp.sys

Sometimes I can't access any of my mapped network drives, but it is usually always the same one containing simple Acess database files.

Sometimes, the file isn't mentionned, only the bluescreen.

I uninstalled Eset Endpoint v6 and reinstalled v7 instead, but the problem persist.  Just clicking on the drive results in a crash.

If I completely remove Eset Endpoint, then my computer works normally, I have access to all my network drives.
Once I have it installed again, the problem reeappears.


Windows 10 version:  1809 build 17763.292

It's been doing that for a little while though.  It wasn't doing it everyday, but now, there it is.  Everyday I boot, I can't access some network drives and I get this error message.

Full hardware specs here:

Eset does not report any infection.  I have tried competing anti-virus products' offline scanners, as well as Eset's tool and they did not report anything abnormal either.

I am lost.


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Please provide me with the generated dump (should be a kernel of full memory dump) as well as with logs gathered with ESET Log Collector.

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