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Sient upgrade from to

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I run upgrade from popup window in ESMC web console, logoff from web console and close browser.

This is recommended way to update ESMC from 7.0.66 to 7.0.72:



3. Upgrade from  ESMC to ESMC Service Release

The ESMC 7 Service Release was released on 15th November 2018. If you have installed ESMC before that date, we recommend your to upgrade your infrastructure to the latest version.

•The recommended way of upgrade for ERA 6.x users is the component upgrade task.

ESMC users are prompted by Update ESMC notification to upgrade the Server component. After the Server is upgraded successfully, upgrade your Agents using component upgrade task.

After the release of Service Release installers, the ESMC installers are not available.

In Windows Application eventlog I see events fro MsiInstaller - about successfully update server_x64.msi (with reboot suppressed) and agent_x64.msi. Final event in Application evenltog is

Execution finished with 0x0: (0x0),

In Windows Control Panes - I see, only Server and Agent updated to version 7.0.577.0. Tomcat and Apache http proxy have old versions.

My questions:

  1. How can I see end of upgrade process, launched from web console popup window?
  2. How can I see end of database update process (which can work some time in ver 6.x - and admin can't login console)
  3. Which ESMC Components I still need to update manually?


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I updated ESMC Server in the test environment. In the server's trace.log file I found events about database upgrade, and final event:


Information: CDatabaseModule [Thread 1078]: CDBSetupperBase::PerformUpgradeIfNecessary: Finished successfully.


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I found Component upgrade task description here:



The following components must be upgraded manually:
•Apache Tomcat (we strongly recommend that you keep Apache Tomcat up-to-date, see Upgrading Apache Tomcat)
•Apache HTTP Proxy (can be achieved using All-in-one installer, see Upgrading Apache HTTP Proxy)
ESMC Rogue Detection Sensor

I updated Apache HTTP Proxy using all-in-one installer: backup configs, stop service, run setup.exe. Apache HTTP Proxy updatet successfully.


But in Windows Control Panel \ Programs and fetures - I see Apache HTTP Proxy with old installetion date and without version

Is it normal?


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  • ESET Staff

I have checked with the devs, and it looks that the upgrade procedure works in the way, that it modifies the actual content of the apache http proxy, but does not modify installer entries / registry entries. Therefore i´s not changed in there. 

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